Salem Hollow Handmade

Farmers' Market Day

March 29, 2022

The first farmers' market of the year is behind us and was a success! Tuesday was a lot of fun at the Hampshire Farmers' Market in Hampshire, TN. I can't wait until next week!

Also this week, on Monday, we started offering a new shea butter soap. Chocolate Mint Shea Butter Soap Bar is awesome! My kids are even enjoying it and they're boys! A very smooth and soft bar filled with shea butter and smelling like a favorite treat, the ingredients include real Hershey's cocoa as well as peppermint essential oil.

Product Revisement

March 18, 2022

Recently some of the brands which I have been using for soaps and other body products have been discontinued due to those brands going out of business, in many cases, due to the demands on small businesses since Covid 19. As a result, my ingredients' BRANDS are changing, and, while the ingredients themselves remain the same, there are some slight variations in product. I am still using brands with the most natural ingredients available. Please bear with me as I experiment with different products until I can find something close to the brands I was using and loved.

Farmers' Market

March 13, 2022

I attended the vendors' meeting today for the Hampshire Farmers' Market in Hampshire, TN. Our first market day will be on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 from 3pm until dark. There will be a variety of items including plants, beef, salsas and jellies, handmade items galore and of course Salem Hollow products. Make plans to stop by!


February 11, 2022

We have recently moved to Salem Road near the unincorporated area of Salem, Tennessee. With this new move we are starting over again...kind of. Some of us are staying in the same groove that got us here. Others are rebranding and expanding.

I am rebranding and expanding. I am going back in time to a time that was simpler and healthier. With this move, we are planning on a small hobby farm or homestead which will fit nicely into my handmade world. I am going back to basics.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art (general). General because I love all art and refused to choose between painting, drawing, photography, jewelry making, sculpture, graphic design, etc. All of those classes were part of my education. I just refused to limit myself to any one of them to obtain a BFA.

This rebranding is going to revisit that time when I loved all things art and did it for the love and joy of it. Too often recently, the money side of my work has taken precedence. While I still hope to sell my creations, it will not be the driving force behind what I do. Hopefully, my new life will also revisit a time when I was always outside and making something because it was fun; a time when my cousin asked me "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and I said "An artist".

I welcome you to join me on this journey. I can't wait to see where this path leads...