Goats, Chickens and Bees



All of our hens (and our one wayward Rooster, Pennywise) are Sapphire Gems but the variety of colors and markings we are getting in our farm fresh eggs is amazing! I love this little light peach one we got today. That color is a first. I do have to say that the ones with the blue spots are my favorite though!


July 28, 2022

This has to be our prettiest egg yet! The hens are really getting the hang of it now. We're getting about a half dozen eggs per day now, and most of them are being laid in the nesting boxes.

We had scrambled eggs for dinner Tuesday night and we also sold three sets of a dozen and a half eggs this week so far!

We started off with Zach's 10 Sapphire Gem chicks in February. Two died the first day. Kevin felt bad so he went and bought 8 more, expecting to lose some others. We now have 16 chickens. All were sexed as hens. đŸ˜† We have 15 hens and one rooster. We were unsure about the rooster for a while, so while the hens were all SHE did this and give that to HER, the questionable one was "IT". Finally, I told Zach that even It had a name, and now we have Pennywise the Rooster. They all have fascinating personalities. Sassy Girl has given Kyle a fat lip and pecked Zach in the eye, leaving a bruise on his eyeball. Hay Hay can't find her way into the chicken run even when the door is wide open, and Ugly didn't have feathers for the longest time. Everyone else was fully feathered and she was still covered in baby chick fluff that she was quickly outgrowing so she was kind of bald. Hay Hay also jumped on Cali's (the goat's) back this week and tried to go for a ride.

The week we got the chicks we had already put a deposit on two Nigerian Dwarfs. I had contacted a couple people in the fall about kids in the spring and on February 21st I got a message that kidding season had begun at Mini Creek Farm with twin bucklings. We were wanting two males, so we put a deposit on them and went to see them that week. As a side note, Mini Creek Farm is a non-profit organization which takes the animals to petting zoos, does goat yoga with the kids, and participates in animal-assisted therapy so these kids were the most well-adjusted babies we could have hoped for! We were definitely spoiled by them! Johnny "Cash" and "Bo"cephus came home the end of April after being weaned by their dam after about 8 1/2 weeks.

We had a bit of a break after that, thinking we would get a doe in milk in the Spring after kidding season. I kept an eye out for does in milk, just to see how easy it would be to get one and to have an idea of what we could expect to pay. I found a farm which would be getting rid of several does as they were in the process of switching over to only registered goats. I contacted them and asked if any were in milk. None posted were, but they did have a doe in milk they were considering letting go, and she would be a package deal with her 4-month-old doeling and her yearling doe who they had recently tried to breed (but didn't think the breeding was successful). We discussed it and decided to go ahead and bring home Libby, Cali and Penny. A few days after we paid the deposit on them the yearling, Cali, decided she wanted to try again and broke out of the doe pen to visit the buck. Three times. They did give us the option to back out or to not take her. They were a package deal though because they are so attached to each other, so Kevin said it will be okay (I'm still anxious), and we picked the girls up a week ago. They started milking Libby when they knew that I wanted to milk her, and I have milked her every day since she has come home. I got 11 ounces from her in the first week. As soon as we get the milk stand built it will be better, I'm sure. Penny is two weeks younger than Cash and Bo, but noticeably bigger. I'm guessing that is due to her nursing for five months (vs the 8 weeks the boys did). Oh, and we changed Penny's name to "Minnie" Pearl. (When we named the boys, Kevin wanted a girl to name Minnie Pearl. We already have PENNYwise and Henny Penny, chickens. Penny switched to Minnie very easily - she was young enough she doesn;t really know her name, and it's almost the same.) Now we have goat milk as the ingredient we needed for cold process goat milk soap!